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Changwoo Textile, which has led the high-tech textile business of Korea,
now leads the world's textile industry.

About CHANGWOO Company

  • Welcome to Changwoo Textile homepage.
  • Advancement of textile technology,
    enhancement of life value
  • Based on the best facilities and R & D capabilities, we will continue to discover new businesses
    and provide a variety of new materials and services to become a textile material company that places customer value first.
  • Changwoo Textile CEO | Changsuk Park

With continuous development and differentiation, we stand firm as a leader in knit industry.
Changwoo Textile Co., Ltd., which started as a textile knitting factory in 1990, changed its business by selling garment products in 1999,
and met with strong technical power and new ideas,  we have developed products. 

We will concentrate on fabric weaving business, which is not satisfied with the quality of the fabric.
Based on the accumulated technology, we have developed various special materials as well as high-stretch and good-quality poly-knit,
and developed high-quality, high-value-added super fibers by differentiating them. Will lead.

Changwoo Textile will move forward with the globalization market as a leap forward.
Based on the best facilities and R & D capabilities, we will continue to discover new businesses and contribute to the textile industry based on
a variety of new materials and technologies.

Thank you.

Leading textile knitting company

  • Advanced Material Fiber Leader
  • Based on advanced material development and technology,
    we have a vision of Changwoo Textile which is going to become
    a global company in 2017
    Construction of non-stop equipment from yarn processing to knitting
  • R&D Capacity Strengthening Continuous investment and strengthening R&D
  • Business Ethics Strenthening Corporate welfare system,
    Promotion of social return business

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